How To Hack Any Android Games Without Root ?

So today we are going to learn about how to hack any android games without root. If you’re one of those people who are wondering how you can hack android games, then this tutorial is for you. We will briefly explain how this hacking of Android games is done so you can do this too. But first, this method/article is only for educational purpose only.

If you’re hacking android games and distributing it out without the owner concerns, then it comes under the punishable offense. So without any further delay, let’s get started with our tutorial on how to hack android games no root method.

Why Do People Want To Hack Android Games in 2018

It’s a great thing that Android users have many apps and games in the play store, and most of them are free too. However, this extensive collection of games comes in various categories like racing games, trivia games, online games, multiplayer games, strategy games, the clash of clans, etc. These games are very popular among Android gamers or mobile gamers. Some of these games are so large that sometimes they take 2-3 GB o space inside your smartphone.

Some of these games are great, but some of these are very hard and even harder to be the winner. So to the best an to win the game, many players cheat with android game hack tool or by hacking the android games by themselves. Increasing coins by using unlimited coins games apk and increasing death lives and hearts, etc. People tend to hack an android game if they are stuck at a particular level or a quiz or a milestone ina game. To overcome the irritation, they hack the game itself to easily pass the level. Some android games hacks include unlimited coins, unlimited lives, and unlimited cheats. After reading out the tutorial on how to hack any android game no root, you will be able to hack some games as well. how to hack any game on android

How to hack android games No root method

Many Android games can be hacked via using android game hack tool or by using unlimited coins games apk. However, these are only possible if you have root permissions ready. If you don’t have root permissions then hacking an android game is not an easy task. However hacking android games isn’t hard either. In this tutorial down below, we will teach you how to hack android games without root method so you can hack some games too!

How To Hack Android Games with Lucky Patcher

In this method, we are going to talk about how to hack android games with the use of on popular android game hack tool named Lucky Patcher. The best part about this android game hack tool is that you can hack android games without root even if you don’t have root access of your phone. Before going through the process, we recommend you to download the lucky patcher and install it on your device.

1. First of all, you need to download Lucky patcher from here. After downloading the apk simply install it on your smartphone.

2. Launch the app as you launch other applications. It will load all your apps and games which can be hacked and those who have in apps purchases.

3. if you want to hack an android game for free game in-app purchases then click on the game title.

4. It will open a drop-down menu with further options. Choose Open Menu of patches from there.

5. Then click on Create modified APK file option.

6. You will get several options after that, but you need to choose APK to rebuild for InApp and LVL emulation. After that wait for few minutes until Lucky Patcher rebuilds the apk for you.

7. The hacked APK will be stored in the following path in your android smartphone. You can use any file manager app to access the hacked apk.

SD Card> Android> data> com.forpda.lp> files> luckypatcher> modified> required game.

8. Delete the original game from your Android smartphone and install the newly modded game.

Hack Android Games without rooting using Game Killer.

If Lucky patcher is not working for you, then don’t worry. We have another android games hacking tool by the name Game killer. You can easily hack an android game without root using Game killer. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

1. First of all, you need to download Game Killer APK from here and install it.

2. Now install the Game Killer APK on your smartphone and launch the app. This app sometimes takes a long time to load a sit process all the android games which can be hacked. Once the app is launched completely, it will show several options including Hack Android Games Without Root. After clicking that you will see another option along with a list of games which can be hacked.

3. Now choose a game from this list, and you will get options for unlimited gold, gems, god mode, etc. You can choose either one of this depending on your requirements.

4. After that, Game Killer will hack the game for you, and you can play it easily.

This is how you can hack android games on your smartphone. You don’t even need root permissions or programming knowledge to hack these android games. All you need is to use these android games hacking tools to hack your favorite game.

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