How To Hack Wifi On Android – Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

How To Hack Wifi On Android – Latest Methods 2018 Updated – Today my friends, we are going to talk about how you can hack WIFI password from Android smartphone. Now when we talk about WIFI hacking, its usually is very complex and can only be done by top class hackers. So today, we will tell you how you can hack a WIFI using your android smartphone. Stay Tuned my friends and keep reading. how to hack wifi password using android phone without root

Hack WIFI password on Android Without Root 2018 – There are many websites which provide fake wifi hacking tips and techniques which doesn’t work at all. At TechnicalGreen, we don’t do such thing. We are going to tell you real and working methods to for hacking WIFI nearby your area with the help of your android smartphone. If you are not from a technical background, then let me tell you that the task or process of hacking a WIFI password is very complex. And sometimes very troublesome with almost little or no success rate. But don’t worry my friends, as today we will be discussing easy ways to use methods by which you can hack wifi with your android phone with few simple clicks. how to hack wifi password on android phone without software

The truth behind Fake Wifi Hacking Apps

How To Hack Wifi On Android

How To Hack Wifi On Android

If you search for the term – “Wifi Hacking,” you will find gazillions of apps which claim to hack a wifi password for you. We have tried all those apps, and trust us that they won’t work at all. Those apps are malware apps which infects your smartphones with some sort of bogus and malicious code which further brings more problems to your smartphone. First of all, hacking without the concert of the real user is a punishable offence. So Play store doesn’t support these kinds of applications. However, there are some legit applications which can hack a wifi for you in the name of Wifi security and penetration testing.  Furthermore, all WIFI’s APNs are not the same. Most of them are secured by WPS or WPA2PSK password protocols. But don’t worry, you can hack them all with the methods which we will be discussing below. how to hack wifi with rooted android device

Please keep this in mind that the methods which we are going to discuss below, may or may not work for you. So please don’t get furious when it doesn’t work. Just be patient and keep trying until you get the password. how to hack wifi with rooted android phone

Wifi Hacking Tools and Apps For Android

Professional hackers use a ton lot of tools and software to hack a particular WIFI password. This requires both time and patience. But still, the success rate is very low. However, there are ways by which you can still connect to other WIFI networks even if you don’t have the password. We are going to use many android tools which are used for hacking purposes. Still, you don’t need any technical skills to hack a WIFI on an android phone as we will be guiding you through the whole process. So without any further delay, let us start with How to Hack WIFI passwords on Androidhow to hack wifi password on android with root

WIFI Technology in Modern Android Smartphones

It is very common to have a WIFI connection on Android smartphones. Wifi is something which is available on both Android smartphones and tablets. WIFI is a very helpful signal reception tool for any kind of wireless connection. It is very fast and drains very less battery. So it is ideal for smartphones and tablets or any other kind of portable devices such as iPods and cameras. Now a WIFI connection uses a radio wave of different frequencies ranging from 2.2 GHz to 2.5 GHz. Some routers even support 5GHz speeds.

This is to inform you that we at Technical Green are not responsible for any kind of illegal activities associated with. These tricks which we are going to discuss below are just for the sole purpose of information sharing and educational use only. If this information is exploited for personal use then that person shall face the consequences accordingly. Please do not use these techniques on public or someone’s else WIFI’s network.

Types of WiFi Password Security?

How To Hack Wifi On Android

How To Hack Wifi On Android

Before we get to discuss all the methods by which you can hack a WIFI network. Let us discuss about some basic WIFI password technology knowledge. If you know, all this then feel free to skip ahead. For those who don’t know, read carefully.

1. WEP – (Crack Wifi from Android mobile without Rooting)

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. It is one of the most popular wifi security encryption which most of the routers use. Unfortunately, it is not the safest kind of encryption so it can be hacked easily. You can hack such wifi encryption using Aircrack, Kali Linux or using Airmon tools.

2. WPA

WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It is basically an improved version of WEP security encryption. It was first launched in 2003. However soon enough, a group of American hacker found some major security flaws in the encryption. So WPA can also be hacked very easily if you are using the adequate tools. You can even hack a WPA protected WI-FI network using WPA security app on your android phone.

3. WPS

This is another type of Wi-Fi encryption which is quite new. Being new in technology, it is quite hard to hack. But its still possible. So if someone is using a WPA – 2PSK wifi security, then it is a little hard to crack the wifi password.

How To Hack Wifi On Android no Root

So we have discussed about Types of Wifi networks and their encryption technologies. So lets being to learn about how to actually hack a wifi on android phone.

Hacking of WPA2 WPS Router Using Bcmon

How To Hack Wifi On Android

How To Hack Wifi On Android

1. First of all, you need to root your android phone. Furthermore, this process works on few chipsets only. You need to have Broadcom bcm 4329 or Bcm 4330 chipset. Below are some models which use Broadcom chipsets. how to hack wifi password without any software in android

  • Nexus 7,
  • Galaxy S1
  • Galaxy S2
  • Nexus 1
  • Htc Desire HD

2. Now you need to download and install Bcmon app. Bcmon is a simple monitoring app which keeps your chipset in a wifi monitoring mode. This helps to collect wifi packets and helps in PIN cracking.

Download Bcmon app from here

3. Download and Install Reaver app. This will help you to crack any WPS pin to get WPA2 passphrase.

Download Reaver app from here

4. Install the Wifi reaver app. Give permissions and choose the APN which you want to hack.

5. Reaver might ask you to open monitor mode. This might need you to open the bcmon app again.

6. Now verify all the settings and make sure to check on Automatic Advanced Settings box.

7. Press on start attack and keep your phone still somewhere and grab a cup of coffee. Because this might take 2-10 hours to hack a WPS password.


How To Hack Wifi On Android - Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

How To Hack Wifi On Android – Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

So WPS WPA tester is a very popular wifi hacking app for android out there. This is because you can easily hack any wifi network around you with few simple steps. Now, this method works without root permissions if you are using android 5.0 lollipop and above. If you’re using any lower versions like Android 4.4 KitKat, then you need to root your device in order to use this. how to hack wifi password on android 100 working

Download WPS WPA Tester from here

However, we would like to tell you that it will only work with WPS routers. And it has only limited features. So you can use it to check Wifi vulnerabilities and hack wifi with your android phone without root whenever you want. Moreover, this app is very fast. You can crack the wifi password in just a few minutes. Sometimes you will get the password in few seconds only.

Andro Dumper App Apk – (how to hack wifi password on android with root)

How To Hack Wifi On Android - Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

How To Hack Wifi On Android – Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

Well turns out that you can also hack wifi on android with andro dumber. And the best part is that you don’t need to root your device. Android dumber is the best android wifi hacking application which can hack wifi passwords. First of all, you need to download Android dumber app. you can download it by searching for “Android dumper” in play store or by clicking the link below.

Download android dumper from here

1. After downloading the app, kindly open it.

2. Press the refresh button to search up the possible WiFi APNs out here.

3. Now press on the connect option from the popup menu. Afte that the app will give you the wifi password in few minutes or even seconds.

If WPS WPA tester is not working and you are not able to hack wifi with WPS WPA tester, then Android dumper might work for you.

Crack WPS Security Using WPS Connect Apk

How To Hack Wifi On Android - Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

How To Hack Wifi On Android – Latest Methods 2018 [Updated]

WPS security is also a great app if you want to hack WPS enables WIFI networks. However, this app requires you to root your android smartphone. We have tested it out and it works pretty well with a rooted android phone. But when it comes to work with non-rooted smartphones, it just hangs up and stops responding. So if you don’t have root, just stick with WPS WPA tester and Android Dumper.

So, guys, this is how you can hack any WIFI network with your android phone. Did you learn something new from this article? If you are facing any issue with any of these methods which we discussed above then feel free to seek help in the comments box. We will be happy to assist you. Moreover, if you know any android app by which we can hack wifi passwords then let us know. And we will add it to our list. Till then, happy hacking and have a nice day. how to hack wifi password on android phone without app

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